Why Dr. Oberman?

Dr. Oberman has been a math teacher, a school principal, and a head of school for over 34 years. He has a deep love and understanding of math, and even more, a keen knowledge of the education process, how students learn, and how to help all students develop a confident and curious approach to math.

Dr. Oberman's innovative approach to tutoring helps students develop and retain a love of mathematics. He majored in mathematics, has taught pre-algebra through pre-calculus, and has also tutored younger children extensively. 

Dr. Oberman specializes in 

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Dr. Oberman

Dr. Oberman earned a PhD in educational psychology and has led a wide range of schools. Dr. Oberman believes that ALL students can learn math, and having a caring, knowledgable adult working with you can make all the difference.

Dr. Oberman's role as head of school and his understanding of the parent partnership directly inform his emphasis on regular, timely, and detailed communication with parents and, where appropriate, teachers and students themselves.

Dr. Oberman believes in active student learning and encourages students to pose questions of their own. His love for mathematics is contagious!

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Math Unleashed: Inspiring Curiosity, Building Confidence